Superior Young Professionals provides two different types of free events for young professionals in the area to attend. These events are designed specifically for individuals between the ages of 21 and 40 who would like to grow their network, grow professionally and personally, and learn about opportunities in the Superior Wisconsin area.

SYP Social Events:

Social events are all about networking and getting engaged. We create a fun and relaxed environment where you can meet new people in the area and learn about different area opportunities. You are a gift to our community, so please, come join us for these free evening events.

SYP Professional Development Events:

Professional development events are for you to come grow professionally and personally. These are free afternoon luncheon events where we will provide you with an education as you eat. Again, these events provide great networking opportunities for which young professionals can use at any point in their career.

Community Events:

Community events that are run outside of SYP by other community organizations also can prove very beneficial. If you are looking for something to do, wondering how to get involved, or would just like to introduce yourself to the community use our community events page as a hub to direct you to different opportunities within the Twin Ports area!